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Kitchen Tiles

The kitchen is the new living space. And that's where the tile comes into play. For what used to be a working space has now become a meeting place for family, friends or visitors. Many footsteps, dirt and moisture nowadays demand everything from kitchen floors. "Because you cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs." Luckily, with the tile we have a durable, robust material that can withstand all the demands of everyday life. Tiles from italdecor provide the right ambience, so that it remains comfortable in addition to a high degree of functionality

Stable kitchen tiles
on a grand scale

The floor or wall covering in the kitchen must withstand cold, heat and steam equally and is put to the test by footsteps, impacts and dirt. That is why tiles are the measure of all things in this room. Because even if the loads are high, the surfaces are not affected. So they look like new even after years. Tiles in the kitchen are also stylish: they can be timeless and simple, but also the perfect place for the eye-catcher in your kitchen. For example, wall tiles with faceted cut (so-called metro tiles) can create a certain feeling or the green, hand-made or partly hand-painted ones form a nice contrast to the strict lines of a glossy kitchen. In order to find the right tile for you, we have over 100 color shades in various formats in our showroom.

    Attractive Tiles in Cement look

    Cement-look tiles are a great way to create a classic look while still highlighting your own taste. Cement tiles convey the originality and craftsmanship of medieval squares in Tuscany or Provence. They add personality to the room and are an eye-catcher, but must be well coordinated with the walls and the interior. Come to our showroom and, together, we'll find out which tile suits you and your home best.