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italdecor Tiles in Neufahrn near Munich

We keep up with the times. Based on our experience, we recognize trends as they arise. And because we, as a company, are used to planning for the long term and for generations, we do that for our customers as well. This combination offers you two advantages: at italdecor, we often look for new tile creations before they even come onto the market. In addition, everything that comes to our showroom is rated qualitatively and carefully selected. So you can be sure that you enjoy your tiles, your cotto or your stone now and in the next decades.

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Tiles in Munich

Tile enthusiasts will find suitable floor and wall coverings for all indoor, as well as for outdoor use. The right tiles increase the sense of living and create a nice atmosphere.

italdecor supplies Tiles for Bathrooms, Toilets, Kitchens and Living Rooms

There are no limits to the possibilities here: For example, a tile surface can consciously feel smooth and velvety, or it can also be rough and easy to grip. Some styles are especially suitable for special types of rooms. Small rooms with many corners and edges require a perhaps soft material that has a cozy look. A detailed consultation is therefore particularly suitable, if you are at the beginning of your construction plans. We will gladly advise you and look forward to hearing from you.

Our History

During a holiday in Italy in 1971 by Hanns and Rosemarie Mair, the idea to bring the wonderful Italian decorative tiles to Bavaria was born. These were the early days of italdecor. Since 1982, our headquarters has been located in the large showroom in Neufahrn. From here we deliver tiles to Munich, Freising, Dachau, Erding and all over Germany. In 2006 our sister company MONTAMAC GmbH was founded and the offer of pure trade was extended by the laying work. Since January 2017, their son Christian with his wife Birgit Mair are managing italdecor. As an experienced team with values and tradition, we commit ourselves then and now to act responsibly, courageously and long-term.



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your rooms gain in value.

Sabine Koss-Balzer, italdecor

Italian Tiles or Spanish Tiles - at italdecor you will find the Trends from all over Europe

Europe's largest tile manufacturers are located in Italy and Spain. italdecor brings this luxury of the south to Germany. Our team works very closely with the manufacturers from Spain and Italy. Together, we weigh out which trends will finally come to our showroom. Meanwhile, we can draw from a huge - and still handpicked - selection of different products from the South of Europe. Let us inspire you!