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Terracotta Tiles

Brick floors, also known as terracotta or cotto, have long been a favorite of italdecor. Selected manufacturers from Italy, Spain and France, with whom we have been working for a long time, supply us with the highest quality cotto. The assortment ranges from traditional materials to modern surfaces and frost-resistant terracotta.


Cotto Tiles: from Tuscany directly to your Home

Terracotta is timeless, so we offer it permanently in our selection. In its diversity it can be used individually. The most well-known covering is the Cotto arrotato, the brushed Cotto. Its color is reminiscent of the holiday in Tuscany, it brings a natural atmosphere in the house. The surface is open to diffusion and ensures a pleasant room climate. The Cotto levigato, on the other hand, has a matte, bright surface reminiscent of the great palazzi of the Florentine Renaissance.

Handmade - fatto a mano

The craftsmanship gives Terracotta a special charm. The Fatto a mano is almost the heart of the Cotto. With its soft surfaces and shapes it nestles in its millennia-old tradition in your living room. The highest quality material is the classic handmade cotto fatto a mano classico. The rough surface and matte color provide characteristic lighting effects that immerse rooms in a very special mood.



Cotto is a piece of the whole for us. It is functional and emotional at the same time.

Michaela Kuffner, italdecor

Cotto Tiles for modern or rustic Living Spaces

With its earthy red color, Cotto ensures comfort and coziness in every room. Therefore, it can also be used individually: in a converted farm, in a Mediterranean house, in a loft, or in a holiday home in France or Italy. It is also often used as a style break in super-modern spaces. Due to the high resilience and easy care, Cotto is also often laid in open-plan living-dining areas or in restaurants. Also wine taverns in Austria like to fall back on this natural material.