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Tile Solutions custom made

The tile in the home, whether it is your own apartment or your own house, often accompanies us for a lifetime and beyond. Therefore it is very important to italdecor that it also fits the style of the house and its owner. We plan cost-effectively and think long-term.


Our Showroom

It is our top priority that people touch and inspect the tiles we sell before they are laid, since a decision is best made with all your senses. In our showroom we present an extensive range of floor and wall tiles for your bathroom, your toilet, your terrace, but also for your living area. On an exhibition area of 400 square meters, you can take a close look at countless tiles and experience them first-hand. We are looking forward to your visit!

Over 400
square meters






Your home will look like a man in a tailored suit - stylish and elegant.

Birgit Mair, CEO of italdecor


Buy Tiles online -
seek Inspiration

An initial search for tiles online promises a huge selection of trend-conscious designs. Current patterns and colors can be researched and inspiration can be found.

Collages for Your Living Space

A special service for our customers is the creation of collages. At your personal sampling date in our showroom or at the sanitary exhibition "elements" in Freising a detailed needs analysis is made. Your daily processes, must-haves and special requests will be asked. Then an individual tile concept is developed with the inclusion of sanitary ware, fabrics and wallpaper for your living space. This often goes hand in hand with the floor plan review, request and layout. On the picture on the right you can see an example of our collages: The tile is perfectly matched with wallpaper, chrome, fabrics and colors.

Tiles: compare online, get advice offline

We are always happy when people come into our showroom, who have already collected impressions on our website and have a vague idea of how they would like to design their floor or their walls. But who wants to forego the haptic experience of being able to hold the tile in your hands or walk on it barefoot? We at italdecor take your online research very seriously. In our showroom we answer all your questions and give you tips & tricks on how to choose the best tile, the most beautiful cotto or the most solide stone. You will be personally advised by our team and can convince yourself of the high quality of our tiles - with all senses.